New graphics technology can provide unlimited detail?

Every year, as graphics engines get stronger, game developers and game artist get better at creating better looking games. It's amazing, the difference in games way back and games now. Makes me wonder how video games would look like in the future. Well, this new company has claims to have created a new technology that would further improve how much detail game devs can apply. 

This new technology is said to enable computers to display infinite geometry at real-time frame rates. The reason why we have more detailed games now is because developers and artists now find a way to add extra polygons into the game. The more polygon count, the more detail the artist can apply in a certain object. Problem is, more polygons means more work for the system. It needs a balance to get smooth gameplay at the same time have great detail. This balance limits developers and artists, but this company claims they found a way to remove that limitation.

Unlimited Detail Real-Time Rendering Technology


The concept sounds solid, but will it work? only time will tell when there's more proof. Been thinking about it and I'm still not sold since i don't get how a processor can take all those polygons or "atoms" as they call it. This is a bold claim about providing unlimited power. In theory, this concept will definitely provide total freedom to game artists and developers, but how will these well detailed objects react to the games physics, gameplay, and other elements in the engine. So much information is still needed, but interesting indeed.

In two years, we will see graphics that will make current graphics look obsolete. That's how fast the gaming industry is now. With the release of new game engines like Cryengine 3, unreal engine 3 and id Tech 5, it's exciting to see what games will look like in the future. The island showed in the video is not that impressive, what's impressive is the idea on how to improve detail. But is this technology capable of improving for example, this epic demo when in the hands of actual game developers? take note, the demo below is in real-time and is a perfect picture of how video games will look like in the future.

Unreal Engine 3: Official Samaritan Demo


Don't you wish this was an actual game coming next year?