Black Rock Studio closes down

So apparently it's the end for Pure and Split/Second developer Black Rock Studio. But not all is lost.

The studio went through a round of layoffs in the month of May that affected around 100 jobs. Only 40 were spared at the time. Some of the former employees have landed on their feet and RoundCube Entertainment was formed in early June, headed by Nick Baynes, the game director for Split/Second.

"Disney Interactive Studios confirms that Black Rock Studios' current project has not been greenlit for further development, consequently the company informed employees yesterday of the intent to enter a consultation process on the proposal to close the studios," wrote Disney in a statement. This news comes months after the studio laid of 40 percent of its work force.

I enjoyed Split/Second and I heard that Pure was a pretty kickass game too, here's to hoping for a sequel to Split/Second!

Via [Gamertell]