Dragon Age II patch 1.02 out for PC

If you haven't noticed, Dragon Age II is full of bugs and problems that leaves you scratching your head. Bioware finally fixed most of the major issues with the 1.02 patch and is out for the PC.

Console players will have to wait a little bit longer for the patch to come their way but it will be worth the wait. Certain quests can now be completed, abilities not functioning as described are fixed and some dialogue bugs. But there was one bug in particular i was hoping Bioware can address in this patch and thankfully they did.

The maker's sigh occasionally giving the character extra skill points when resetting your skills. This bug ruined my game wasting 4 hours. That's why it's always good to save in different slots. I'm sure some of you experienced this issue and it's not cool unless you want to have that extra edge.

Some of the fixes might bring some minor spoilers so head over to the Bioware site to check out the patch list.