The creator of QWOP brings you GIRP!

Remember QWOP?  That ridiculously frustrating yet addictive disgrace to mankind of a game seeped through the internet and made you want to throw your keyboard across the room in frustration? Well the guy who made it has a new game for you.

The new game is called GIRP. This time you control a rock climber instead of the track and field runner from QWOP. You press either the left mouse click, the CTRL or SHIFT key on your keyboard to shimmy yourself up  and use the letters on the key board to hold onto the grips on the rock wall. Imagine playing Twister on your keyboard while yelling out swear words and having people stare at you for being too damn loud.

"Damn you QWOP!"

Just like QWOP, its simple in concept but the controls are just maddening at the same time. And yet you still want to retry over and over and over again. Does that make us masochists?