New The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Sebastian Struggling With His Loss

A new trailer for the The Evil Within has surfaced and it highlights what protagonist Sebastian is struggling withing his mind. 

The loss of a child is no doubt devastating, and for Sebastian in The Evil Within 2, he has to tackle those memories head on as he goes through the STEAM world once again. "That’s the mantra running through Sebastian Castellanos’ mind. Plagued by memories of the daughter he couldn’t save and a mystery he could never solve, he begins to lose himself in his past mistakes. " says Bethesda in a post, revealing the new trailer.

In the first game, mentions about Sebastian's daughter Lily was minimal. We knew he lost someone dear to him but it was never explored until now.Based on the footage revealed so far, it looks like improvements were done visually but it's hard to say right now how much of the combat has changed. 

The Evil Within 2 was revealed at this year's E3 Bethesda media briefing and will be out on October 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.