We Should Give No Man's Sky Another Go, Path Finder Update Out Now

No Man's Sky Path Finder Update

No Man's Sky Path Finder Update

No Man's Sky is considered the biggest disappointments of 2016 when it was released back in August, with players both from PC and PS4 demanding refunds thanks to the lack of features and misleading marketing. 

Now, despite all the negative feedback, Hello Games seems to be on a mission to turn things around and bring new life to the space exploration game. The Foundation update was released back in December and introduced new game modes and base building. A step in the right direction. Now, the next update, called Path Finder, adds a ton of new features that it even sounds more like a free expansion. Have a look at the 1.2 update below.

No Man's Sky's website has the full details of the Path Finder update, but here's the gist:


Ground vehicles - we finally get to roam around planets faster now, which to me is pretty much the biggest highlight from the Path Finder update. You unlock the Exocrafts as part of the base building mission chain, and of course, you may customize it any way you want. It's said to have three kinds of Exocrafts available with this update. Oh, and you can build race tracks if that's your thing. 

Bases Can Be Shared Online

Yes, there's an added online feature. You can now find and visit other bases created by players. The extent of what you can do when visiting isn't clear but the creator can leave messages for visitors, guiding them as they tour your base. For PC, thanks to Steam Workshop, players can easily share their work with others. 

New Game Mode

Survival is probably the best way to play if you aren't the creative type. But if that was still not tough enough, you can also try Permadeath mode, which gives the player only one life to reach the center of the universe. Good luck with that. 

New trophies were added for those able to succeed in such a mode. Survival mode was also made tougher by adding damaged ships the ability to now crash land on planets.

Graphics Tweaks, PS4 Pro Support, and Photo Mode

Photo mode is self-explanatory, but the added graphical tweaks is a good addition. On top of that, for those on the PS4 Pro, you can try out the new and improved No Man's Sky in 4K resolution. 

Specializations, Roles?

This is a new addition when it comes to the game's variety of ships and weapons available in the game. Weapon types give a more focused role like how the Pistols in the game give better mining ability, while Rifles are better for combat. Also, Alien type weapons seem to be the rare weapons you'd like to hoard. 

Also, ships now have a quality rating from A, B, C, and S types. You can also purchase multiple ships and use a ship that best suits your play style. 

More Content

New traders have been added, and some trade with a new currency called Nanite Clusters. New blueprints have been added to some traders and will have a refresh timer. inviting repeat visits. 

There's also new base building content added, with 40 new parts to play around with. 

It's a lot to take in really, and there's also bug changes and tweaks to improve the game even further. 

The Path Finder update is now available on the PS4 and PC. We were impressed with the last update and felt it was worth revisiting. Now, it feels like this needs an honest re-evaluation thanks to all the content added free of charge.