Minecraft Creeper Action Figure

I was passing by the mall earlier to pick up some stuff and came across a ToysRUs sale happening in the event area near the food court. The toy collector in me told me to take a peek even though I wasn't expecting to find anything.

Near the end of the booth, I spotted a Minecraft Creeper action figure from Jazwares. A newphew of mine has some of these Minecraft toys and I remember being impressed at their build quality. And despite the very simple and blocky appearance, they do look accurate to the game's art design and aesthetic. The figure was going for only 200php on sale which is a good price drop from what I remember was a 599.75php price tag when they were new.

The figure itself doesn't do much. The head can turn and the four feet can swing up and down. It might be luck of the draw but the front of feet on my figure weren't well attached to the joint. The joints were a bit warped out so the pegs that locked the feet in weren't secure. They attached back easily enough but the feet are now a bit loose. The Creeper can still stand up well on it's own. I expected more from their QA given how expensive these toys initially were but then again it's Jazware's we're talking about and my experience with their plastic quality has not been the greatest. The figure comes with a TNT block and a piece of charcoal.