Sony's Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition PS4 is Apparently "Limited"

PS4_BatmanArkhamKnight_front Redundant title, we know. Since the release of the PlayStation 4, we were given a fair amount of limited edition PlayStation 4's with customized faceplate and color to make your purchase extra special. Well, it looks like the upcoming Batman game in the Arkham series will be getting the same treatment from Sony, and it looks stunning. 

I'm not into customized consoles, but I consider this as one of the best looking limited editions revealed to this day for the console. If I had to pick a color for a PlayStation console, gray is a sure winner, and to top it all off, this one has the silhouette of the bats on the faceplate. Don't agree? First have a closer look at it below.

PS4_BatmanArkhamKnight (4)

PS4_BatmanArkhamKnight (2)

PS4_BatmanArkhamKnight (5)

Still don't agree? I guess it's just me. But if this is the kind of PlayStation 4 you would like to own, take note on the "limited edition" part of the title. It was announced recently that this version of the PlayStation 4 will indeed hit the Philippines but with limited quantity. No exact details on how many units are coming to our shores, so be sure to call your local gaming store to confirm if they will be getting the Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition PS4 and get those reservations/pre-orders going.

Arkham Knight will be the fourth game in the Batman Arkham series and will be out on June 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.