Official stores break street date for Final Fantasy X/X-2 on Vita?

PS2CoverSheet108 Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes gets released early here, now this? Final Fantasy X/X-2 is now officially available on Datablitz and Games One Gadget for the PS3, but the Vita version of the game is meant for release tomorrow. So what do retail stores do? They break the street date for the Vita version and release it together with the PS3 version. Nice.

Officially, the PS3 version's release date is today, and it seems the PS Vita version's release date is tomorrow. Apparently other offical retailers released it today, forcing Games One Gadget Store to release it as well.

10002905_10152257564486826_1948396238_n You might be thinking- It's just a day, no big deal. But if only one store is selling copies of the game, how about the others? Of course the flock would go to who's selling earlier and that's a big deal.  There's a reason street dates exists. Oh, and the source of these products won't be happy with this kind of move.

We are also being told that Sony PH is requesting retail stores to stop selling the PS Vita version and wait for tomorrow. We are waiting for confirmation  to confirm this information.

Why is this a concern? Because why break street dates? Just to get ahead? These retail stores will get sanctioned for doing this and in the end we'll be affected by their sudden moves. I'm all for getting a game as early as possible, but if it results in creating a bad reputation for the community here between publishers and gaming companies, it's better to just stay true to the planned release.

Based on PlayStation Asia, the official release for the Vita version is on the 19th.

This is the second time within a month. What do you think about stores breaking street dates?

Source: Game One Gadget Store FB