Kontrol Freek - Rcade Freek for PS3 and Xbox 360


instafreek Datablitz just got a wave of products from KontrolFreek. I'm a sucker for gaming accessories and have been looking for these in local shops for quite some time now.

I personally find the analog sticks on the PS3's dual-shock 3 controller a tad on the short side and while I don't have the most precise aim in shooters, better leverage on your thumb sticks is never a bad thing. I could have gone for the more regular grips like the classic or the FPS Freek but ever since I found out about the Rcade Freek back in like 2011, those piqued my interest the most.


They grip on the analog sticks quite well and don't get knocked off easily unless your really force it. The smooth rounded plastic surface of the Rcade Freek keeps true to the style of cherry top arcade sticks and while they may not provide the best grip to your thumb, the increase in height definitely adds leverage and could in turn provide more presicion in your gaming.


I don't really use the analog sticks for fighting games except for maybe Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but I chose the Rcade Freek for the throwback to old arcade machines. Datablitz had them in two colors, Throwback Black and Retro Red and priced at 495php a pair which ain't bad. I might go back and get me one of those FPS Freek ones next time.

For more information about KontrolFreek, visit Kontrolfreek.com.