PlayStation 4 Launch Event Philippines

SONY DSC The PlayStation 4 has officially launched in the Philippines! Celebrated with a 2 day launch event at Glorietta 2 on the 14th and 15th of January 2014 with a bunch of games that you can try out in their open exhibit area.


Dual-Shock 4

I missed out on the launch program but got there in time for the first Celebrity Showdown where they were playing Just Dance (one of the newer ones). While everyone was distracted by the dancing of celebrities that I didn't know, I went in and played about everything that was there.


PS4 Launch

On PS4, I got to try out Knack, and played with some of the AR bots in the Playroom. I also got to try out the PSVita TV. They were running God Eater, Dragon's Crown and Gundam Breaker on the exhibit floor as well as Muramasa Rebirth on the stage. The PSVita TV uses a white Dual-Shock 3 controller and emulates the front touchscreen by clicking down on the right analog stick and pressing either L1 or L2 to simulate tapping.



They also had a few PSVita 2000s on display. I got to try out Tear Away and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. The PSVita 2000 may have downgraded their screens from OLEDs back to LCD but god damn do those LCDs look good. Everything was very crisp and clear and I did not notice any ghosting while I was playing. It feels great in the hand too. The smaller size and lighter weight is very noticeable and a welcome change compared to the original PSVita models.

PS Vita 2000

I also got to experience the Personal 3D Viewer, Sony's answer to the Oculus Rift. Got to play the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Killzone: Shadowfall on it. Too bad none of the games that had hooked up to it had 3D support. It was very underwhelming.


Personal 3D Viewer

Aside from that, they also had 2 PS3s running what I think was Gran Turismo 6 and a few PS4s running NBA 2k14.

We uploaded a ton of photos of the event on our Facebook page so check it out!