This is the kind of attitude that should be eliminated in e-sports

CODBO2-ss01 Everybody does their fair share of trash talking. It's fine. It can also be a form of tactic to throw your competitor off their game. But this kind of trash talking seen in this video is not only damaging to the e-sports community, but also damaging to the image of gaming as whole. 

The YouTube footage is from EuroGamer, when they covered the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 European Championships. Have a look, and I'd advise you to tell any underage individual to step out for a bit while you watch. It's very...foul.

As much as the professionals say that the way they were acting is just how they play, and acting that way makes them even better at the game is no excuse, for both sides. This just gives a bad reputation for the Call of Duty community. It's already known as a very toxic environment, and they are just simply feeding that.  Communities like these hurt gaming's image and intimidates new players to even participate in just games online.

We are in an age where gaming is evolving rapidly. It's getting more matured. It's also appreciated by other forms of media, as well as non-gamers. So why not grow with the industry and act civil? Especially with e-sports, because I'm sure each of these pro player would like to be considered a "professional" player. With this kind of attitude? Not a chance. Show a thing called sportsmanship, and then maybe you will be taken seriously.

This is only the Call of Duty community of course, and does not reflect every other genre or other e-sport community out there. But the fact of the matter is, it's still connected with everything else. Hopefully we can defuse this because I'd like to see the e-sports scene to be treated with the same level of respect as sports athletes today. It has a big chance of happening very soon, so let's not ruin it with what was shown in the video below, please?