The Grand Theft Auto V Giveaway!

GTAV giveaway Yes, that's not a typo on the title. In celebration of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games, we decided to give away one copy of GTA V for the PS3 to one lucky guy/gal when the game comes out on September 17. From now until the release of the game, you can input your entries for a chance to be picked as that one lucky winner. It's easy stuff don't worry, so get all the details below after the break!

We've always wanted to do a raffle or some sort of giveaway, and it hit us when we noticed that each of us is getting the game on day one , so why not buy another copy and give it to a viewer?

I'm sure you have tons of questions regarding the mechanics of this giveaway. Again, it's easy. Here's a small FAQ that explains everything you need to know about the giveaway:

How can I join?

It's simple really. All you need to do in order to participate is to like and follow Too Much Gaming on Facebook.

How can I add additional entries?

There are other options that you can opt to do in order to increase your chances. For example - Every share or tweet done once a day through the Rafflecopter widget below gives you additional entries. You can also opt to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Take note: In Twitter, you must have @toomuchgaming on your tweet for it to count. For Facebook, include #toomuchgaming in your share for it to count.

What version of the game are you giving away?

We are giving one lucky guy/gal one standard copy of Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 3. For the region, we are going with what will be available on release day.

Who's eligible to join?

The Grand Theft Auto V giveaway is only available to participants residing in the Philippines. We won't accommodate participants in different countries. If by a small chance someone from a different country still joins and wins, we have the right to disqualify and choose another winner.

How are you going to reveal the winner?

On the release day of GTA V, the giveaway ends, and we will post the winner here, as well as through Facebook and Twitter right after, so stay tuned on September 17.

Let's say I win, what’s next?

Once we announce the winner, we will contact the lucky guy/gal for his/her information in order to ship the prize. If the winner doesn't comply within 24 hours after we reveal the winner, sorry, we will be forced to pick another winner.

How are you sending the prize?

We will be shipping your prize through LBC. Once your information has been confirmed,  we will send it immediately. Shipping is covered by us of course and we will allow shipping within Metro Manila and other provincial areas.

Wait, you have the game already?

How we wish! But, no. We will have the giveaway copy on release day, September 17. We'll be posting an image showing that the copy is all set for the winner. Once the winner has been confirmed by us, we will immediately ship the game ASAP.


This giveaway will last from today all the way up to release. If you have any questions, concerns, don't hesitate to contact us through You can also contact us through Facebook and Twitter if email isn't your thing.

So, now that you got all the information you need, input your entries!  Good luck!


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