Latest Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer tells us everything we need to know about the game


splinter_cell_blacklist_ss01 The latest trailer for Splinter Cell Blacklist gives us the 101 on what to expect from Sam Fisher's latest mission. It's 7-minutes long, and if you know nothing about Blacklist, this will get you up to speed and ready for when it comes out this August. Check it out below.

As expected from Ubisoft, Blacklist will be providing a complete package. The "Spies vs Mercs" mode makes a return but is still questionable. Sneaking around with a friend in co-op though is definitely the mode I'm looking forward to. Conviction had a great coop, but wasn't enough to make it a good game overall, making me wary of getting this on day one. Blacklist comes out on August 22 and I have this strong feeling this game won't get the best reception.

Splinter Cell Blacklist will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.