Dead Rising 3's new CG trailer got me laughing at the end

Dead-Rising-3-header Capcom released a new trailer for their Xbox One exclusive title Dead Rising 3. It's CG and shows all the gore and foul language you'd want out of a game like this. Towards the end though, got me laughing on how silly it is.

IGN featured the new CG trailer, and I gotta say -- What he made at the end completely threw me off guard.

At this point, I need more information about Dead Rising 3. The switch from a bright and over the top tone seen in the previous game to a more dark and sort of serious tone was actually a turn off. A bit too brownish for my taste. The in-game gameplay shown in this year's E3 was impressive -- Having that many zombies in once screen was amazing. Even the car slowing down since there are too many zombies was a good touch, but is there something new to really hype things up? Sorry, nothing so far.

Dead Rising 3 is planned for a November 2013 release, possibly making it a launch title for the Xbox One. Does this game entice you to get an Xbox One? Because I have another game in mind that's making me consider one.