Injustice: Gods Among Us Scorpion Combos

injustice_scorp_combosI bought the season pass after I found out that Scorpion was available early (for real this time) for season pass owners.  After fiddling around with the misplaced Mortal Kombat fighter, I decided to make another combo video to show off a bit of what the yellow ninja can do. I find that Scorpion is pretty easy to use. A bit too easy if you ask me. He's got pretty good normals with a decent amount of mix-up combo strings and can special cancel into spear or teleport punch out of almost all of them. Meter burning the spear would cancel the punch that follows to enable for combo extension and meter burning the teleport punch would put foes into a juggle state. Add to all that an air throw, unblockable fire pillar and a teleport cross up super and you've got what could potentially be the best online character in the game so far.