Weekend, what are you playing?

p4a storyIt's mid-May and the wave of releases has slowed down a bit. The J months are all about announcements so it's the perfect time to start catching up on your gaming back log. What will you be playing?

Migoy: I still got The Amazing Spider-Man to finish before returning the disc to it's rightful owner and online ranked in Persona 4 Arena seems to be populated for the summer with what I played of it earlier this week. There are also some Injustice: Gods Among Us casuals happening this weekend at Infinity Place Video Gaming Center which I plan on attending. Social link go!

60ef19a810d0a253c57beff0e2b2a538Carlos: Bought myself Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen just yesterday for my Xbox 360 and I'm pretty excited to start all over with the new content. I bought and played this game to the end when it came out last year and I couldn't pass the extra content Dark Arisen was bringing. With my PS3 dead, my first copy is pretty much useless until I get a new console, so I decided to just get Dark Arisen for my 360. It was only P1,200 at Datablitz so it didn't hurt much buying it again just for extra content.

I just started and I'm already planning builds for my playthrough. If you haven't tried Dragon's Dogma and want a good RPG, I highly suggest you give this one a shot.