Weekend, what are you playing?

injustice-nightwingWhat is up, everyone? Here we are, in the first weekend of May. The game releases have slowed down a bit a per the season. But that won't stop us from playing the video games. So, what are you playing? Migoy: Me and Quash did a Let's Play of Injustice: Gods Among Us with PCGMedia's Justis earlier this week. So after getting to play against real people in Injustice for the first time, I need to hit training mode and learn a few new characters and refine the current ones I know how to use. I've also recently started The Amazing Spider-Man on the PS3. To be honest, I prefer the less appreciated Spider-Man: Web of Shadows because I honestly think that the combat and web swinging in that game is much better but Amazing Spider-Man is a pretty good game. At least compared to the other Beenox Spider-Man games that came out prior to it.

Here's a video of me, Bud and his brother Jiks playing the demo of Injustice.