Migoy Rants - DEADPOOL Gameplay Trailer

DEADPOOL_gameplayI finally saw the gameplay video for the Deadpool game. REAL gameplay footage. None of that vague trailer bullshit that they showed off before. I gotta say, I'm not impressed.

The apartment stuff looks funny but will probably brings laughs the first time around. Gameplay doesn't look broken but does look like a very watered down version of what you get in the God of War games. For the most part of the earlier trailers and from what I've seen in this gameplay video, the humor looks very very forced. I'm usually a big fan of juvenile humor but this just doesn't seem to stick with me. This game will probably be worth a rental or something to buy if you find it cheap. Like 500php cheap. Honestly, 500php still seems like too much but that's usually the lowest price that 2nd hand PS3 sell for here in the Philippines. Personally I'd prefer to buy this game for 200php. Anyway that's just my two cents. And, hey. The game isn't even out yet so Activision might prove me wrong and the Deadpool game may actually be really good... Please be really good.