Splinter Cell: Blacklist 'Stalk, Strike, Silence' Trailer

SplinterCellBlackListSSSTrailer610 Out of the shadows, Ubisoft shows new footage for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The trailer shows the three things Sam Fisher does best. have a look at the trailer below. 

Fans of the series, get ready to be dissapointed - Blacklist will be the first Splinter Cell game to have a different voice actor for Sam Fisher. That's right, no more Michael Ironside rocking the goggles. Why the sudden change? Well, they needed someone more physical for the motion captured planned for the game, and since Ironside is not well over 60, he won't be able to provide the physical aspect of the iconic Sam Fisher. So now we have Eric Johnson to do the motion capture and voice.

Changing the voice of Sam Fisher is pretty ridiculous. It would have been better off if they just didn't use Sam Fisher anymore. It's like removing David Hayter from Solid Snake..oh wait, that already happened. But the point is - Michael Ironside is Same Fisher, nothing more.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist comes out on August 20 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.