Bioshock Infinite Live Stream

bioshock_infinite_migoySo I caved in and got Bioshock Infinite brand new on Black Saturday (since the malls were open).

Now I thought of doing a full playthrough of it on our youtube channel but I'm not the greatest FPS player and I know that there are a lot of things to see in Bioshock Infinite and I know that I would spend a lot of time just running around looking for stuff which would make a boring video.

Instead I plan to live stream the whole game on our channel. Sure the quality won't nearly be as good as compared to properly captured footage but my new PC is better suited for running xsplit so hopefully (even with my lower upload speed) the quality will be better than my previous attempts at live streaming.

So far I've played around 6 hours of the game and the story is very intriguing which makes me want to keep on going.

If I don't get to stream my complete playthrough (due to internet problems and what not) then I'm going to at least try to get the majority of my Bioshock Infinite experience live streamed which will then be archived on youtube.