EA prepping for Battlefield 4 reveal. site and teaser video now out

BF4RAIN_610 Prepared for an all new Battlefield game? well EA is almost ready to reveal to the world Battlefield 4. A new site for the soon to be reveal game is now live informing viewers to check back on March 27. But that's not all, a small video teaser was placed on the site called "Sea". it's 20-seconds long but gives a good idea one big new feature to the game.

marine warfare, or to be exact, underwater warfare.  Nothing of course is for sure but its safe to say it involves water.

We'll just have to wait and see, the world reveal should kick off around March 27-28 so check back on the site during those times.

is it too soon for a numbered sequel? Maybe, because a lot are still enjoying Battlefield 3 thanks to the many DLC that have supported the game for more than a year. Question is, will this be EA's FPS game for this year? or next year for next-gen consoles. Either way, excited to see what they will include for the fourth.