Borderlands 2's next DLC character is Kreig the Pyscho

borderlands_psycho I'm sure you don't need a reason to go back to Borderlands 2, but to add a bit more variety, a 6th playable Vault Hunter was announced during PAX East in Gearbox Software's panel. Who is he? He's Krieg the Pyscho! Check out the teaser trailer below.

Krieg the Psycho will be available in the Psycho DLC pack which will cost you $10. This piece of DLC is not included in the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, so this might upset some of you, but this character, just like Geige The Mechromancer(first DLC character), will have unique gameplay with three new skill trees to build him based on your play style.

The DLC announcement doesn't stop there. Gearbox also announced two more DLC planned for the game. The first one, will increase the level cap to level 61 and will include Pearlescent items(very rare item types) which only start showing up at level 51. This pack will be free for Season Pass owners, but for the rest, it will cost you $5. It will be available April 2

The second DLC though is free for all. This piece of content will include an Ultimate Vault Hunter mode. The purpose of this mode is to give players incentive to go for a third playthrough of the game. Again, it will be free to download and will be available April 2 as well.