Pick 5: Must Play Indie Titles

Must play indie titlesEvery time I browse online game stores whether it's from Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam, I always get tempted to get independent titles. I've experience great indie games that come out just as good or even better than some retail games priced at $60. Maybe it's the freedom they have to make the game? I'm not too sure, but indie games is always a breath of fresh air with an industry filled with sequels and games all about shooting people. 2012 was another great year for indie developers, but my Pick 5 is a mix of new and old games.

Super Meat Boy - $14.99 Release date: November 2010

To this day, if I want some good old fashion platforming that would really test my patience, I head back to Super Meat Boy on my Xbox 360. It was released in 2010, but I only got my copy of the game around 2011 and I'm glad I did. It's simply a 2D platformer with the goal of reaching the end of the stage, but don't think this will be easy. They have one of the most ridiculous stages and game mechanics, and since you die in one hit, the tension never goes away. There are around 300 stages in this game, and have a good amount of characters with unique abilities,  so this title has a good amount of content.

FTL: Faster Than Light - $9.99 Release date: Sept 2012

This is actually one of the newest title in the bunch. FTL: Faster Than Light is a PC indie title that can kill your whole afternoon if you're not careful. This Real Time Strategy game let's you take command of a space ship that must deliver vital information to the allied fleet. You manage everything in your ship from, ship upgrades, ship repairs, which crew member mans a station on the ship, and do battle against other ships that you come across. This game is a time sink. When I finished downloading the game(only 157MB) I couldn't stop playing. This also has one fo the best soundtracks from an indie game so far.

Terraria - $9.99 Release date: May 2011

Terraria is a 2D action adventure platformer with a hint of RPG elements. This game is all about exploration and experimentation. You simply start with nothing and slowly create what you need to survive with the materials around you, Sounds familiar? There's no story, or objective. But as you go deeper into the world, more monsters and items will unlock, bosses will show up, and you instantly find yourself invested in this game.

Legend of Grimrock - $14.99 Release date - April 2012

Legend of Grimrock is old school dungeon crawlers return to modern gaming. This game is greatly inspired by past titles like Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master. You hardly see games like this anymore, but it's good that a very new indie developer took the challenge at bringing it back. As you go deeper in, you find weapons, level up, figure out clues, find hidden rooms, and trigger traps that will instantly kill you. The way the combat works may feel awkward for people unfamiliar with games like this, so have an open mind when you give this game a try.

Binding of Isaac - $4.99 Release Date: September 2011

This is one game that's disturbing and addicting at the same time. It's a top down 2D action adventure with a very strong replay value. It's a pretty tough game and every time you finish it, new items, bosses, and stages unlock, as well as more endings to see once you reach the end. Each time you play the game, your play style always comes out different thanks to the many random item upgrades you pick up, making each playthrough appealing. It's worth the investment if you are looking for a game that will never go dull after your first run through it.