Weekend! What are you playing?


It's the weekend again, but this time there are two new titles now out in the wild. Are you playing the brand spanking new Dante in DmC this weekend? Or maybe you are entering the world of Ni No Kuni for the first time later, or are you simply sticking with the usual to keep you sane after a long hard week. Heck, I know I am, what are you playing?

Carlos: I actually haven't got any new game this year. Most of my free time goes directly at Guild Wars 2. I'm currently leveling my Mesmer with friends and it's great revisiting the this game again. This weekend though, I might have to bench Guild Wars 2 to make space for Path of Exile. Its open beta just went live on January 23, so i'm planning to play that to experience the now added act 3 content.

Migoy: Gonna keep mine simple. I need to play more DmC. Been busy all week preparing stuff for our youtube channel so I haven't been able to play as much of the new Devil May Cry as I want. Hopefully this weekend will make up for it. As I'm writing this, the game is actually paused. Otaku Expo is happening this weekend and I'm planning on going. I heard there's gonna be some fighting game action.