Dead Island: Ripitide gameplay footage features new mechanics

Dead Island Riptide01 Deep Silver finally reveals actual gameplay footage of the game in a form of a walkthrough, explaining new features added in Riptide. The video explains a new defense mission that requires you to salvage useful items that would help fortify a certain location to fend of hordes of zombies. 

The sequel (or spin-off, not too sure)looks and feels the same. That I'm ok with since the whole concept works, what I'm not ok with is the awkward animations from the last game is still present in Riptide. When I saw the player pick up an item as if he was giving a right hook to do so, I noticed right away they didn't change it. I sound a bit picky, but I was really bothered by it in the first game, seeing those weird animations every single time, it was really weird to look at, even the shadow animation showing how your character runs. The small things, I know.

Dead Island Riptide starts off where the first game ended from the looks of it. Nowhere near Banoi, but in the same archipelago. Same characters, same HUD, pretty much the same game.

Did you want a more improved 2013 Dead Island game, or is this simple enough to keep us satisfied? This is the first released video of the game, so let's hope they have more to show because the game comes out on April 23 on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.