Slender is getting a sequel, first trailer up

Slender Sequel Slender: The Eight Pages, the free horror PC game that's considered the scariest game of 2012, is getting a sequel. The first trailer is now out, and it shows a huge visual upgrade. Aside from the improved graphics, Slender: The Arrival seems to have another character to run away from. A guy with a hoodie? Not sure what he's all about, but of course Slender will be back to show up when you least expect it.

The freaky sounds, the feeling of being isolated and alone. Hopefully they retain everything that made the first game a surprise hit.

Slender: The Arrival is planned for an early 2013 release for the PC.

If you haven't tried the first Slender, I dare you. Or make a friend try it and enjoy how he reacts when playing it.

[Source: Kotaku]