The Walking Dead Episode 4 "Around Every Corner" released date announced

The Walking Dead Game Telltale today just announced that the next episode of The Walking Dead Game will be released in a few days. Episode 4 "Around Every Corner" will be available for download on October 9 in PSN (US Store), Oct 10 on XBLA, and PC/MAC.

The release date of episode 4 was Tweeted by Telltale Games. Funny how Telltale gives us just a few days notice, but then again its a good thing, why am I complaining?

Just in case you missed it, here's the trailer for episode 4 to brush up on whats happened so far.Friendly reminder, the trailer contains Minor spoilers for the folks that have not played the first three episodes. I suggest you pick up the first three before having a peek.


Telltale Games also announced a few weeks ago that the complete season 1 of The Walking Dead Game will be released as a full game. If you plan on picking the complete set, I suggest you wait for that.