Guild Wars 2 - First level 80 character spotted in the wild

According to mmoculture, someone has already hit level 80 in Guild Wars 2. A player named Surfeuze hit the max level by just simply crafting, with the help of his fellow guildmates providing materials for it. Yes, you heard me, a crafter. Surfeuze is a member of the French guild War Legend, so props to him for being the first level 80 character. 

I'll tell you this, it's not easy, especially when your trying to level via crafting. It was clearly a team effort and congrats to them on earning world first.

Getting world first in something isn't really my thing, but it is for some and it's amazing to hear this was done by crafting. I never guessed that would be the fastest way. But I really hope he does himself a favor and creates another character, because he's clearly missing out. It's an amazing game and with the world first now in the bag, he deserves to enjoy the game.

Are you into reaching max level as fast as possible in MMO's?

I'm currently level 28(Yes, very addicted) and is slowly taking my time, completing all maps, crafting items, and figure out these interesting mini-dungeons that require you to actually think. I'm hooked.

The game officially launches tom.