Weekend, what are you playing?


E3 2012 is done and we've been graced with a lot of delicious news, hella plenty trailers, and tons of gameplay.  But those new games aren't out yet, what are you playing?

Migoy: I accompanied my cousin to Greenhills VMall yesterday because he was going to get his first console bought with his own hard earned money.

He picked up this bad boy, a metallic red 320gig PlayStation 3 Slim . One of the latest released of the Ps3 slim from Sony with a gorgeous metallic paint job along with a chrome plate that holds the power and eject buttons. The embossed PS3 logo on the top is also chrome plated as opposed to the regular gloss plastic. Similar to me, his first game was also Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which I still think is the hypest of hype. It looks like I won't be able to fraud my way to a win against him and his bros. since they have something to practice on now.

While testing out his brand new PS3, of course we popped in UMvC3 because we had to let the game update first and it seemed only fitting that that would be the first game his PS3 plays. UMvC3 was the main motivator for the purchase. After that I decided to lend them my copy of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition since they mentioned that they played it at the arcade a few days back and even though UMvC3 is awesome, one can still get tired from playing a single fighting game for too long plus all the salt could ruin a good relationship between brothers. The game updated after downloading a hell of a lot of updates and we only played one match. I felt the huge difference between SSF4AE and Street Fighter x Tekken. Those games make look very similar but they are hella different.

I just got myself a 2nd-hand copy of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and we played a bunch of that too. It sucks that you are forced to play a somewhat bad "story mode" just to unlock the characters. Sure unlocking stuff is fun but c'mon, only 3 characters available at the start?

Before all the PS3 buying and spending a ton of money in less than an hour, me and my cousin played Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. Seriously, so much has changed from Next Plus that it looks like I have to completely relearn the game from the ground up. Plus the AI is mega cheap. Does anyone know if that game has 4-player VS? Because if so then I definitely have to save up and get two more PS3 controllers. The PS2 adapter doesn't work for EXTREME VS.

Now I'm off to watch the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight, happy weekend everyone!


Diablo 3

Quash: Still at it with Diablo 3. During the start of the weekend I continued my 42 Barbarian in hopes to get the guy to level 60 by the end of the week. Needed a break from my Demon Hunter. He's currently at act 3 on Inferno and the fact that everything one shots me is pretty scary. I did manage to progress by killing Siegebreaker, the second boss in Act 3, but now I'm stuck at the wave of enemies after him. Inferno is loads of fun(For gamers than want a challenge) and I want to feel Inferno as melee. I hear Blizzard is going to change a few things in Inferno to make things easier. I don't want that, so I'm really rushing my Barbarian to 60 to play Inferno before the announced nerf. As I write this, my Barbarian is now at level 51 in Hell Difficulty. Just 9 more to go!