Debut trailer for a new game called Reset

Reset puzzle game A new game is in the works on an unknown studio called Theory Interactive. What's the game? It's called Reset, a First Person Shooter Puzzler that gives you the ability to use time travel in order to solve the game's puzzles. Color me excited. After watching the trailer it instantly reminded me of Portal. Which is good since we do need more amazing games just like that. Below is the debut trailer of Reset and is all generated from the in-game engine, pretty impressive.

No other information yet about this game aside from its existence and this Debut Trailer. The studio hasn't even hit the alpha stages of development so  it's going to take a while before we see any solid gameplay. But I'm definitely going to keep an eye on Reset. If you want to see more about this project head over to Reset's official blog site.

Reset will be available on the PC.