Street Fighter IV and Asura's Wrath? [Update]

Street Fighter x Asura's Wrath Can this be? Are we going to get Asura as a DLC character for Super Street Fighter IV? Or is it the other way around?

Ok, I can't read Japanese so I have no idea what any of the stuff displayed said but with this video except for what appeared to be a release date for this "DLC" which said "2012/5/8".

I still don't fully understand what this video means. Is it really for Super Street Fighter IV? Or maybe it's a new game mode for Asura's Wrath? I mean the SF4 characters still look like SF4 characters while Asura still looks like Asura from his own game. Usually when Capcom puts characters in the SF4 realm, they give them a new make over to suit the SF4 art style.

This video has me both very confused and very excited at the same time. Though another thing still bothers me, why SF4 and not Street Fighter x Tekken? Given the nature of SFxT I think Asura's crazy moves would suit that game more.



Apparently I guessed right, it was the other way around. That video above was clipped out of the end of the full DLC trailer for Asura's Wrath. DLC content for Asura's Wrath is going to be released in Japan through the course of two months starting yesterday (3/27/2012) until May (5/15/2012), the Street Fighter bit being the last DLC.

What threw me off was the fact that Asura still looked exactly like he did in his own game and that after Akuma shoryuken'd Asura, he didn't get knocked into the air.

Here's the full DLC trailer for Asura's Wrath in Japan for both PS3 and Xbox 360.