First look at Max Payne 3's muliplayer

Max Payne Rockstar just released the first video of a new video series that introduces Max Payne 3's multiplayer, and it look pretty damn good.  It talks about the multiplayer's core features - Gang Wars, Payne Killer, and integrating Max Payne's famous bullet time into multiplayer.

Gang Wars is said to be a battle between the faction in Max Payne 3. It's story driven with objectives changing depending on the outcome of each match.  While in Payne Killer, two lucky players get to play as Max Payne himself and his partner  Raul Passos in the game as they go against waves of enemy players Max Payne style.

What I found very interesting is that they were able to add bullet time into multiplayer. Bullet Time is Max Payne's signature move that gives him the option to slow down time to better pick off enemies and dodge bullets. For multiplayer, when someone activates Bullet Time, only players in his line of sight will be engaged in Bullet Time. It is said in the video that Bullet Time is one of the burst abilities available to players, meaning there will be other abilities to be revealed that would suit your play style.

It's looking pretty good, it's Rockstar after all. When I heard Red Dead Redemption will have an open world multiplayer, I didn't think it was possible but it actually works and turned out fun. Now they added multiplayer on Max Payne without leaving Bullet Time behind.

This is the first video if the video series that talks all about multiplayer, so look out for the next few videos in the future.

Gamers have interesting game choices this month. Max Payne 3 comes out on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 May 15 and PC on May 29.