A new Baldur's Gate?????

Baldur's Gate A new Baldur's Gate!? is it true!? We have no idea, even the rest of the world has no clue yet. If you head over to Baldursgate.com, you'll see the logo, a quote from the game, and a background filled with portraits of characters in the game.  There's a lot of theories of what this could be really. A HD remastered edition, a port of the original games to mobile phones,  a continuation of the Baldur's Gate series. Anything is possible at this point, but I sure hope it's a sequel.

If this comes out to be a new Baldur's Gate, it's about time. Baldur's gate is the series that started the RPG game with the ability to pause the game in order to issue commands to your character. That's what I always loved about Baldur's Gate and pretty much seperate itself from other games, which is also the reason why I got hyped for the release of the first Dragon Age. Since the Dragon Age series adopted that kind of gameplay, I was easily hooked until... Dragon Age 2 showed up.

Your guess is good as mine to what this might be. The latest game in this series was baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2, which had no relation to the original game aside from it having the name.