Street Fighter X Tekken: January character reveals

asuka-chan The roster just keeps on growing. Here's a new trailer showing off even more characters that will be included in this fighting game crossover. Some of the characters in this trailer were already teased and revealed but we get to see proper gameplay foootage for each of em.

So we got Rufus and Zangief as the first team to be featured. When Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6 came out, each fighting game had their own corpulent character added to their roster and now we'll get to see them face off to prove which of them is fatter~ I mean better.

Next up we have the schoolgirl rivals from Tekken, Lily and Asuka. Is it just me or does Asuka look a little sluttier than usual. Capcom, oh you.

After that we got Barlog and Vega (M. Bison and Balrog respectively for you Japanese Stree Fighter name purists out there). Similar to the case of Rufus and Bob for king of the fatties, the infamous dirty boxer from Street Fighter gets a chance to face off against the sly Steve Fox.

I'm sure all of you have been waiting for this. Paul and Law finally get revealed! No game with the Tekken name would be right without these two awesome goofballs in it.

Last but not least, the trailer features, my newest favorite Street Fighter character, Juri facing off against Xiaoyu.

I noticed with the character art that a dark version with glowing red eyes were behind each of the teams that were revealed, probably for the Pandora system that the game has. Also, notice during the Balrog/Vega segment that they were beating on Raven from Tekken? I wonder when he gets his own reveal.

The video ends with short gameplay footage of a version Street Fighter x Tekken being developed for the PlayStation Vita and had 2 unique characters named Toro and Kuro. Cats with Ryu style bandanas. I only recognize them from forum emoticons but don't really know where they originally came from. That's good fan service I guess. After that, we see silhouettes of two characters, one of which is obviously Pac-Man while a familiar 8-bit tune rings in the background.