[Update]Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance VGA 2011 trailer

cut up some fools If you have been following news about Metal Gear Rising, or lack there of, then you are probably aware that since the watermelon slicing trailer from E3 2009 that there has been no other information released about Metal Gear Rising, Raiden’s action spin-off from the Metal Gear series. The dryspell has come to an end as a leaked trailer of the game just came out.

The intro starts off pretty much the same showing off a FMV panning Raiden’s sword but after that almost everything has changed. From the Robocp font to just the pacing of the action alone looks completely redone. At first I thought “man, this game looks as crazy and over the top as Bayonetta”, lo and behold the name ‘Platinum Games’ appears on screen.

Now Metal Gear does have crazy set pieces and action scenes through the series but the level of craziness here just exceeds that of any MGS game for far. Again, Bayonetta insanity.  Now some of you might not like the idea that another studio is working on this game but Platinum has delivered quality more than enough to convince me that this is going to be awesome. Just think Metal-Gear-Solid-fueled-by-an-energy-drink, go watch the video, and you will understand just what I mean.


Trailer's officially out, so here it is.

Forgive the lack of video. Since the trailer was leaked a little early and was meant to be shown at this year’s Video Game Awards (2011), the one upload of it from youtube was taken down. Luckly Gameinformer has it up on their site for our viewing pleasure. Click the source link to view the video.

Source [Gameinformer]