Weekend, what are you playing?

frankie Weekend, weekend. Oh how I love the weekend. Especially if you got some new games to play.

Migoy: I FINALLY got a PS3, a little late to the party I know but better late than never. First game I got was Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 so I’m sure to be playing a buncha that. A friend of mine lent me his copies of GTA4, Legends of Wrestlemania, and Uncharted (the first one). I still got Professor Layton and the Last Specter on my DS that I need to spend more time on so I’ve got a pretty busy weekend ahead of me. It’s been a while.

Arlie: Guess what, I'm still playing Skyrim! I'm not even close to half of the main quests, didn't notice that most of the quests I did are the miscellaneous ones that are pretty much random and unlimited. I am already done with the Companions (Fighters Guild), College of Winterhold (Mage Guild), and Thieves Guild Quest lines. There's so much things left to do in Skyrim.

Quash: Still on Skyrim. Currently level 33 and still feels like I haven't touched even 50% of the game. It's an amazing game and could possibly be the best Elder Scrolls to date. I also did a bit of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and in the process of working out my main team. Zero is still my focus but damn I need a good assist for that guy.